Add, Edit, Delete and View Records in Java

The program is capable of adding, updating and deleting student records, viewing student records and logging in the program.
  • Log in. This module allows the user to access the program. 
  • Main Menu. This module allows the user to select transactions. 
  • Student. This module allows the user to add, edit and delete records of the students. 
  • Student List. This module allows the user to view student list.
  1. Go to Control Panel, the select Administrative Tools 
  2. Double click Data Sources (ODBC). In the ODBC Data Source Administrator click the Add button 
  3. In the Create New Source Dialog select Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) then click Finish button 
  4. ODBC Microsoft Access Setup type "Grading" inside the Data Source Name text box. 
  5. Click the Select button then browse and locate the database. 
  6. Then click OK.

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